Oh, Reality

Today was my long awaited orientation at my new job. I hate to admit where I am working but I will say it is a fast food restaurant.

Not sure why I was nervous about the day. Once I was there and got passed the “Hi, I’m Meredith. I have orientation today” part, it was pretty easy.

Thrown into a room with a dozen new hires it was fairly easy to get lost. They seemed more nervous than I was. Of course, I am on a low dose of Xanax prescribed from my doctor.

“Yes, mom. I took my medication” the conversation went with my mother on the phone during my drive to work.

She says I am so different when I take it. Like I act like a real person on it or something. Insinuating I am not a real person to begin with, I guess.

There were two managers that were doing the orientation. One was a woman who stood in the center of the room and did the talking. The other was a guy who sat in the corner on a laptop and entered the information of the new hires.

“I need everyone to bring me their photo ID and Social Security card” is the only thing he said the entire hour.

My God was he gorgeous. I kept looking over at him the entire time and he caught me staring more than once.

Blending in with the woman manager talking was an entire lifetime with him that I was daydreaming. In between were prayers that there wasn’t something important that I should be paying attention to. As it turned out, there really wasn’t. I had time to fly through our first date.

I was walking out of work one day and there was Alec sitting in his car. I could hear the window rolling down and turned in time to see my reflection before losing my breath at the side of his rough three o’clock shadow and those beautiful blue eyes.

“Wanna get a bite to eat?” he asked.

Even in my imagination I had to question if people really talked like that.

“Sure” I answered quickly.

Did I sound desperate?


His car smelled new. Like that fresh smell you get when you test drive a car. I remember that smell very well from my dad trading in his car every year to get a new one.

Even further in the future I saw our first kiss happening in that same car. How he put his hand on the side of my head and leaned in. How he discovered that kissing my neck would get him in trouble.

Even meeting his parents.

Our wedding.

Our first child.

I was probably going to hate working here.




Author: The Unamused Muse

You know me better than I do.

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