The Four Day Weekend

 I drank to the sunshine and let my laugh be genuine and light as the echoes took flight with it. 

 I could still hear it up the stairs in my room. It must have been playing with my things. 

 She sounded so cute. 

 I had to check. 

 From the door I watched as the bed held a dress. 

 Slipped it on and spun around. 

Until I realized it was me that I had found. 

 I painted my face to cover my screams. The more of the paint, the less there was of me. 

 Dug my fingers in above my breasts and tore at the dress. Stripped myself bare and threw myself on the bed. 

  Shocked myself straight until my fingers bled. Gripped at the sheets and dilated to ten. 

 There I was stillborn and sane. 

 I turned 21 today. 


Author: The Unamused Muse

You know me better than I do.

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