Glass Slipper

   I melted at the first sight of Hector’s smile. It’s confidence wrinkled his face and showed his age but he cared less about that than I did. 

  The Aztec God slid his hand behind my chair as he waved down the bartender for a drink before flashing his grin. 

 I could tell he had been pretending  not notice me. I knew I was being sized up.

 Still, I found myself lost in his eyes and soothed by the manic flow of his voice. 

 He mixed with my drinks quite well. 

 Between the cars parked in the lot we stopped and he kissed my lips until I was awake again. A fairytale that I hoped would never end. On his knees he kissed and kissed. Made me laugh when he wore my skirt around his bald head like a bonnet before getting back to the task. 

 Then I showed him that my mouth was the only one that will ever fit. 



Author: The Unamused Muse

You know me better than I do.

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