Drunk Words Speak A Sober Mind

The key to salvation was made of lies 

Dead girl day drinking 

A writer needs time to lose her mind

It doesn’t take long on an empty stomach 

Doesn’t take long looking for a moment 

A doll they dressed and undressed 

A dusty toy on a dusty shelf in a mess

 Reliving a moment known to no one 

A fat man in a little chair

A slow rock and an evil stare

Asking me for the test he helped me study for 

I had barely enough time to close the door

Handed me back my paper with a smile 

“Take off your shoes and stay awhile” 

He never stopped there

Told me to keep going until I was bare

I hated that chair

It bent my legs outward at the knees when I sat up there

He smelled like cigarettes and beer

To this day I hold those brands dear

Let the smoke escape slowly from my lips 

Rattle the cans and shake my hips

Rest my head on his shoulder and feel his skin pressed against mine 

Learned the hard way that it was better to cry

It was easy when I saw my mother’s eyes

Now I see her look here in mine

Author: The Unamused Muse

You know me better than I do.

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