Labyrinth In A Brick Wall

Hector says he is “old school” 

For the love of everything trippy, I guess he is right. 

We went to his friend’s party last night. One packed basement filled with strangers, flashing lights, and pictures that glowed in the dark. 

“This is for you” Hector smiled and held a small pill between his thumb and index finger. At first it was too far away for me to see, then it was too close to make out. 

“What is it?” I asked, as if I really cared. 

“It’s better than sex” he laughed

“I doubt that” I laughed before snapping down on him at the first knuckle of his finger

It wasn’t better than sex. 

It was better than life. 

I melted against a speaker for what might have been five minutes or three hours. 

“Is she okay?” I heard his friend ask

My head weighed a ton and I couldn’t lift it. It was like my mind had gone to another planet where the gravity was stronger. 

Hector shook my shoulder and I smiled. 

“She’s fine” he answered “give her a minute” 

I felt him kiss my cheek. I knew it was him but it felt like something else. 

“Do it again” I asked 

Again he leaned and kissed 

“It feels like a baby’s foot touching me” I admitted

They laughed

“It’s beautiful” I interrupted them “It’s like sitting on the floor and playing with a baby and touching their feet against your face” 

I could move again. 

“Close your eyes” I told him

His jaw was clenched and sweat poured off his bald head, but he did what I asked

“Ha, it does!” his smile grew bigger than his face as I pulled my lips away

His friend’s laughed hysterically but tried it themselves 

We kissed and I pictured my insides as severed cables shooting electricity to every place except where they were designed to feed

“I feel awesome” my teeth chattered at the last word and gave it another hundred syllables 

Soon I was walking barefoot across the back of the couch as my feet sunk into sticky marshmallow pillows. Tracing my finger against the mortar that separated the bricks. Trying to find a way out of a maze that was never designed to be a maze. It just held things together. 

I wish life was always this way

Author: The Unamused Muse

You know me better than I do.

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