Once Upon An Unhinged Dream

Once upon an unhinged dream

A girl balanced on a wisp of black scream

Across the drop and against the boy blue

A hand reached out

“What are you?” he asked 

“I am what has happened to me” 

“Your eyes burn in the dark” he seemed surprised 

“Where do you come from? Let me guess. From where you have been, back in the abyss” 

I hated him for making me smile 

My hand was small in his

Soft as his was rough

I bled into the water paint and attracted the sharks above

“What is your name?” he asked 


He laughed 

“Run, Fryergirl or today will be your last” 

I couldn’t run anymore

They didn’t stand a chance

A sword appeared in my hand as the fins in the sky rushed toward the shore

“I am mine!” 

For the blade was no need

 I fear the black scream has left the door open to this dream

Author: The Unamused Muse

You know me better than I do.

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