The Heat

When I was little we had a German Shepherd who would stop at nothing to get out

More than once I would have her in the backyard and watch her take a running start at the eight foot wooden fence we had and jump and scale it in the corner

Max ran off this morning. In seven years he has never once took off on me. I was in tears and screaming as he disappeared around the corner

It was enough to wake hector up and have him run down in his boxers to see what happened

He quickly put his pants and shirt on before taking off while he slipped his shoes over his feet

“Stay here in case he comes back” he said as he went into a full run

The morning shade slowly peeled back and the sun began to bake me as I never uncrossed my arms or looked away from the last place I saw them

First his beautiful bald head that I have come to adore. Then his bronze biceps flexing from having Max safely tucked under his arm

And that grin

That big beautiful grin

“He found a friend” Hector laughed “About three miles down the road”

The things we will do for great sex

Hector is going to find out



Author: The Unamused Muse

You know me better than I do.

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