A Real Man Would Never Hit A Woman 

“A real man would never hit a woman” 

That’s what we were told. It was a simple rule taught to all little girls

 More than once I have seen it used as an excuse to provoke a fight. My mother would get inches from my father’s face and call him horrible things. Question his masculinity and spit and even slap him. He never fought back

 Living with Michael quickly changed anything I had learned. He was all bravado. As proud and flashy as a bull fighter

 You never questioned his manhood or put a hand on him

 I learned through a black eye surrounding a broken blood vessel or three 

 There is a point where that rule doesn’t apply. Hitting a man first for example. Or putting another person in physical danger. Or pushing them beyond the boundaries of their own self control

 We all have limits

I just didn’t have a daughter to teach 

Author: The Unamused Muse

You know me better than I do.

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