These Little Piggies

It was a hot summer day

Maybe the hottest that it had ever been

I know it was impossible to walk from my chair to the pool without burning my feet

A fact that became all too clear when I peeled off my socks that had become a part of me in the heat. They held on for dear life like they didn’t want to leave

An old man was watching me. When I looked his way he would turn and then back again as my soul burned

I just wanted to play with my friends but the path of coals would never end

He even leaned and listened as if I played two piece music and the notes floated and glistened

Are all men like this?

Malnourished of innocence and at peace with not hiding it?

The sun baked and hatched my brain

I was dreaming a memory and remembering a dream

My sword appeared in my hand again and the black scream cooled at my feet and carried me

The water of the pool had evaporated and we were alone

There was no more sun but he still stuck to the rubber bands that lined his chair

His face held the look that he had nothing to fear

He beckoned and I came as he wished

Again and again I ran the blade through his chest

You made me like this



Author: The Unamused Muse

You know me better than I do.

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