I barely got my feet wet

Stopped inches from the shore and giggled like a little girl at the tiny fish who were tickling my legs

They were not afraid

So I went further

Braving the cold until the water reached my waist and I dove outward


Directions became all the same

My smile hurt my face until I rebelled against it and blew my cheeks out and took a long breath

Now downward

Away from the crystal blue

I kicked my legs and arms as hard as they could move

Until the water turned black

Then I pushed them harder

Down and down until my lungs were about to burst

All I had to do was keep going

It beckoned to me as if it were my friend

My back arched and I raced back up

Measuring the distance with what I had left in me

It was further than I can take

But I broke the surface and took the deepest breath I have ever taken

It did feel good




Author: The Unamused Muse

You know me better than I do.

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