50 Shades Of Bored

Can’t help but feel like I’ve been sent to my room while my parents talk. My parents have been replaced by two old people who talk in a language I don’t understand. Come to think of it, the roles have been filled quite well

 I’ve wandered the house a few times. Seen the movie theater that we haven’t been in together. The indoor pool that is locked away safely behind glass doors. There isnt a speck of dust on anything here. The pictures are hung perfectly and everything  the vase on the glass table is aligned with the rest of this world. I thought about twisting it an inch around just to see what would happen. I imagine this frail illusion falling in on itself and disappearing into a black hole

 Everything is like this except the basement. There are half empty bottles of beer on a pool table and the pool sticks have been left on the table

 I like it here. The air is natural. Not freezing like the rest of the house and it hasn’t been sprayed into submission by Lysol or whatever it is that hangs on the oxygen everywhere else

Author: The Unamused Muse

You know me better than I do.

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