The Kitty Whisperer

No sooner did I write the title and I am desperately trying to hold back my laughter. 

 It’s probably going to be one of those you had to have been there kind of things

 As Greg talks lawn care with his neighbor I have to excuse myself to finish my thought. They both stopped talking for a second and gave me the exact same shameful look because I was laughing. I blamed it on my mother sending me a funny text as I stepped outside to have a cigarette. It’s a good enough reason for anything anynore

 Anyway, there was this one time that Hector disappeared under the covers and started having a conversation with her

 “Oh, hello” he said as if he were greeting dinner guests at the door

 I was already laughing so hard that I was in tears

 He complimented how beautiful she looked that night and asked if he could give her a kiss

 I couldn’t breathe as he poked his head out from under the blanket 

 “She’s being shy” he informed me “Should I?” 

 I forced myself to make a straight face to answer with a shake of my head 


 It was loud and unexpected and made me shriek laughter again

 “I think she likes me” he said as he looked up from under the blankets again

 Again I nodded my head 

 This time he kissed soft and slow

 That idiot always knows what to do

Author: The Unamused Muse

You know me better than I do.

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